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Excuse Busting

You are a successful, driven, accomplished manager who believes in your ability to create a great workplace. But, when you are surrounded by excuses, you may spend precious energy convincing others (and yourself) that infusing your environment with more trust, pride, and camaraderie is worthwhile. What you may wish for is an “excuse buster” – an if-then script that allows you to decisively respond to others’ excuses and get on with the real [ Read More ]


Really? Another Book Called No Excuses?

When we began writing No Excuses, the title was our short hand way of talking about the book’s content, and it ended up being the working title that we used with our publisher and anyone who needed a way to reference the manuscript. But, we never imagined the title would stick. Turns out that the very reason we thought it wouldn’t ultimately end up being the title – the sheer number of books out there titled No Excuses, dealing with topics from [ Read More ]



No Time to Create a Great Workplace? Seriously?

As seen on WSJ Speakeasy: In our recently released book, No Excuses: How You Can Turn Any Workplace Into a Great One, we address one of the most common – time. While we sympathize with working managers who are held accountable for an individual contributor’s workload in addition to people management responsibilities, we know from our interviews and first hand experiences with [ Read More ]


Any Manager, Any Workplace. No Excuses.

On Monday, Michael and I (along with the fabulous people at Great Place to Work® Institute and Jossey Bass) release the follow up to The Great Workplace, published in 2011. In that book, we illustrate the Institute’s model of a great workplace – one where people trust those they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with – and make the case for why the employee experience should be in the list of every [ Read More ]